Hugh Jackman Workout

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last five years or so, you would have noticed how unbelievably good Hugh Jackman looks in his film, Wolverine. This is a man who is not a professional athlete but an actor. Of course he’d have to work really hard to attain his body in the movie.

What is the difference between the usual workout to the one Hugh Jackman used? Some of the normal yet intense workouts can build a muscle mass that would look really bulky like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is usually the type of workout body builders use when they are preparing for a competition.

Hugh Jackman basically used just the right intensity and technique to gain his muscle mass gradually. He started out using a much lighter weight as resistance compared to the one he used later on. As time went by, he would increase that resistance by adding a heavier weight. What’s really amazing is that in the end, he was said to be bench pressing as much as 315 lbs. That is amazing for a man who weight 210 lbs. and stands 6’2.

If you want to have the same physique, you might be glad to hear that some reports have noted that it took him 15 months of doing his workout routine to get the body you see in movie. The exercise is not just about lifting weight of course. It also has some stretching and aerobic exercise that managed to give him that really toned form.

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